3D Clip – Hang Son Doong, World’s Largest Cave

World’s largest cave is part of a passage formed by 150 total caves, and specialists are still trying to reach all its boundaries.

son dong cave 9

Hang Son Doong cave, discovered in 2009, is located in Vietnam jungle and initially, it was thought of measuring 150 meters length and 60 meters height, according to dailymail.co.uk.

Two ulterior expeditions inside the cave proved that it was the largest cave in the world. The cave measures over 4 kilometers length, 100 meters width and 243 meters height.

The photographs taken by Carsten Peter proved that inside the cave a real jungle has installed, Carsten took the photographs in 2010, during an expedition which aimed for a complete cave exploration and a photo shooting.

The photographer declared that he had spent 2 weeks inside the cave, exploring the world underground, “I discovered new entries of the cave. It is a huge area, so it is very difficult to explore and discover. This is one of the most unusual and amazing caves I have visited in 35 years of my career”, Carsten Peter declared.

A plan survey of both caves drawn at the same scale


By Susan Hanson

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